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Jutta Wittmann from Vienna, Austria, is participating in the STEYPA exhibition for the fourth time. The project is a collaboration with Claus called “Iceland as a triptych” and is about the words we read in pictures and the pictures we see by reading the words.


When did you first become interested in photography?

I started getting serious about it around 15 years ago.

How did your photography develop over the years?

I can remember exactly! It was triggered by a trip to New York. I noticed reflections in the shiny, polished cars and skyscrapers reaching up to the sky, colorfully painted fire hydrants smiling at me, legendary Banksy graffiti on huge firewalls that fascinated me, people with their coffee-to-go bustling about in the streets, and unusual characters catching my attention. A new world opened right before my eyes. I submitted a few entries to a photo contests, and the good results encouraged me to keep on photographing, right up to today.

What is your relationship to Iceland?

I discovered Iceland’s landscapes on a tour around the country and fell in love with it. I like how the Icelanders assert their own unique position in Europe, both in an economic and political sense.  It’s a wonderful, unspoiled country that the inhabitants take quite good care of.

How do you perceive Icelandic culture and nature?

With all of my five senses.

What is your favorite place in Iceland?

Kirkjufell, Stykkishólmur on the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

How can we see Iceland in your STEYPA project?

In a joint project with Claus Sterneck. The idea was to choose a certain caption and for each of us to show our own photographic interpretation of that. A map shows the locations where we took our pictures.

What inspires you to take pictures?

The beauty of nature, the magic of the moment.

What role does photography play in your life?

A big role. I always have a Nikon Coolpix in my handbag, so I never miss a great subject or a good snapshot.

You own an art gallery in Vienna, tell us something about it.

The art gallery in Vienna is a collaborative project. We’re a group of creative minds and it’s a platform where we can present and sell our ideas in the areas of fashion and art. We feature pictures, photographs, clothing, accessories, postcards and much more. Everything is handmade with love and care, and there are lots of upcycling ideas here too. Guest exhibitors also have the opportunity to present their works here.

Danke, Jutta, for answering our questions!


Homepage: www.kunstwerkstatt-wien.com

Contact: witt@gmx.at

Jutta Wittmann at STEYPA

Translation: Melinda Kumbalek



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