A talk with … Valdimar Thorlacius

Validmar Thorlacius from Hveragerði answers some questions – short but we get what we want to know about him.


Valdimar Thorlacius

Valdimar Thorlacius

You come from Hveragerði, grew up in this town. What is it like to live in Hveragerði?

It´s nice and quiet, the people here are relaxed and the town has made a name for itself as some sort of “artist town”. I can enjoy nature from my backyard but still live close to the big city (Reykjavík) so yeah, it´s good.

You took your pictures in “Ölfus”, what does that mean exactly?

That’s not quite true. Ölfus is a municipality, and on a map Hveragerði is a small dot within this larger region. It makes Hveragerði look like an island in a lake.

Hence the name, An Island in Ölfus. It only means that I photographed Hveragerði and its surroundings in a geographical context to Ölfus.

What role does photography play in your life?

It´s just something that I do …

Takk fyrir, Valdimar :-)!


Homepage: www.valdimarth.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/valdimar_thorlacius

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