About STEYPA Photography Exhibition

In 2013 it was just an experiment – the idea of bringing together various people with a passion for Iceland and photography and a connection to Djúpavík to organize a photography exhibition. The exhibition was held inside the old herring factory in Djúpavík (Westfjords). The building was build that around 80 years ago (1934/1935).

Seven international and Icelandic photographers showed their work – e.g. Icelandic kitchen by Kaja Häsler, Lomography by Lilo C. Karsten landscape nude photography by Billy Monday or Rolands emotional views on the Strandir area.

2014 and 2015 STEYPA reached more people and presented more different views on Iceland. Still ilocated in Djúpavík inside the old herring factory in 2014 seven photographers and in 2015 nine photographers presented their work.

In 2016 the exhibition is held in the former maritime museum of Ólafsvík.

STEYPA is the Icelandic word for concrete – based on the aspect that the old herring factory was the largest building made of concrete at that time in Iceland. And a word which is easy to pronounce and read for people that are not so familiar with the Icelandic language.

Curator of STEYPA is Claus Sterneck, in 2016 Emilie Dalum got a member of STEYPA.

Contact STEYPA: info@steypaphoto.com

Emilie and Claus

Emilie Dalum and Claus Sterneck