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STEYPA Karolina FundWe just started a Crowdfunding campaign via Karolina Fund for the STEPYA Photography Exhibition:…

It would be great if you like this project and support us! TAKK FYRIR!


The concept and the beginning

It all started in 2013 as just an experiment – the idea of bringing together various international photographers for one exhibition. The aim was to show a broad photographic perspective of Iceland in contrast to the more conventional type of landscape and nature pictures that are usually taken. Three years later, this concept still is the trademark of the exhibition. This creates a very diverse and dynamic outlook on the show. After three summers in Djúpavík, this year’s STEYPA is being held in Ólafsvík from 1 June until 31 August 2016. We, Claus and Emilie, are looking very much forward to arrange this new exhibition space.

STEYPA 2016 – The new exhibition space

STEYPA will be held in the former Maritime Museum (Sjávarsafn) in Ólafsvík. Some remains from that museum are still inside of the building. By integrating the exhibition into the old interior, like aquariums, fishing boats and historical information, we thereby contribute to keeping the old spirits of the Icelandic maritime culture alive. That creates parallel worlds of historical and cultural space on the one hand, and the presence of art on the other.

By having the STEYPA Photography Exhibition in a rural area, we will be providing Ólafsvík with a new vitality and renewing the life of a magnificent building that would otherwise remain empty and isolated. This place will bloom and attract locals as well as curious tourists. For us, this is a very important aspect, since we believe that art should be found elsewhere than in the cities only.

The work and financial support

We want to let Iceland and the rest of the world know about this remarkable exhibition. We love doing this work and put lots of our free time and energy into making the dream come true! Besides corresponding with the photographers, networking, driving repeatedly between Reykjavík and Ólafsvík in Emilie’s old Subaru, we also arrange the exhibition space, carry out PR-work and are constantly in contact with each other. To cover expenses (printing posters, flyers and brochures, work material and tools, advertisement, fuel for Emilie’s car, …) we need a bit of money. The photo prints displayed are paid from the artists’ own pockets. Entrance is free of charge. Art should be accessible for everyone.

STEYPA is here to stay. Expect to see us again also in 2017. By supporting us financial to this year’s project, you help us keep the wheel spinning for the future as well. For us STEYPA is like watering and nourishing a plant, evoking the beauty in the growth and expansion of it.

The photographers of STEYPA 2016

This year’s photographers are Anna Grevenitis (USA), Christel Thomsen (DK), Claus Sterneck (IS, GER), Elli Thor (IS), Emilie Dalum (IS, DK), Gulli Már (IS), Johanna-Maria Fritz (DE), Jutta Wittmann (A) and Rúnar Gunnarsson (Iceland).

You find the crowdfunding campaign via Karolina Fund for the STEPYA Photography Exhibition here:

Warm greetings from Reykjavík,

Claus and Emilie


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