“Strangers on my way – Denmark ∼ Iceland” by Emilie Dalum (Denmark, Iceland)

Emilie Dalum

Emilie Dalum

Buying a handy, semi-compact camera one year ago turned out to be the starting point of Emilie Dalum’s first photography series, “Strangers on my way – Denmark ∼ Iceland”.

Having a natural passion for people and a BA in European Ethnology from the University of Copenhagen, Emilie commonly reflects on the dynamics of life stories and what is hidden behind them. With a camera always in hand, Emilie aims to capture and examine her everyday surroundings. Using intuition and awareness as working tools, she lets her subjects choose her rather than the other way around. Her goal is to intrigue our imaginations by emphasizing the unique and uncanny in what is seemingly most ordinary. She always endeavors to protect her subjects rather than exploit them.

The project
Before moving to Iceland in August 2012 Emilie lived in Denmark, and it was in the streets of Copenhagen where this project initially started. After exploring this photography method as a way to understand her environment and keep the memory of strangers, both human and non-human, she couldn’t help but continue on with the project in Iceland. Since connections are significant when gazing at life, she came up with the idea of matching the pictures – one picture from Denmark and one picture from Iceland. The photographs can be contemplated together and individually for their intrinsic value. Showing images from both Denmark and Iceland also emphasizes her attachment to both countries.
Triviality doesn’t have to be boring and banal – sometimes it’s only a matter of devoting ourselves to our surroundings. With her pictures, Emilie wants to trigger a certain feeling and create an atmosphere that goes beyond the mundane by embracing the commonplace, yet in a different way.
First and foremost, this series is a tribute to the beautiful strangers around her – the beautiful strangers around all of us.

About Emilie
Emilie was born in Denmark in 1989. She first visited Iceland in January 2011 and immediately felt a special connection to the country, so she returned. The relationship between her and Iceland continues to bloom, while her experience with Djúpavík grew from a seed in the soil somewhere within.
She currently lives in Reykjavík. At the time of this writing, she has no definite future plans, but further developing this photography project is one of the things she envisions.

Contact: emiliedalum5@gmail.com

Homepage: www.emiliedalum.com

Emilie Dalum at STEYPA exhibition in 20142015 and 2016.



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