Kaja Häsler (Iceland)

Kaja Häsler

Kaja Häsler

Kaja Häsler was born in Reykjavík in 1972. She studied social work and now works at an art museum and a software company. Although Kaja has been interested in photography for a long time, she just started taking pictures herself few years ago. She likes to tell stories with her photographs and to capture the beauty of people and things while preserving a single moment in time. For her, taking pictures means taking the time to look closer at things and to single out something that might otherwise be overlooked. It’s both a form of self-expression and a means of having fun.

Kaja will show three series – “Kitchen”, which shows a glimpse into different Icelandic kitchens; “Crocheted Reykjavík”, where she combines pictures taken at some of her favorite spots in Reykjavík and her interest in crocheting; “A day out”, with pictures of her sister that were taken one day during her sister’s visit to Iceland.

Contact: kajahaesler@yahoo.de



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