Lilo C. Karsten (Germany)

Lilo C. Karsten

Lilo C. Karsten

I’ve been drawing since childhood, where it all began with portraits of schoolmates. After finishing art school, the portraits disappeared, though a few figure drawings remained. I like to be abstract and transform what I see and experience into forms.

Analog photography with my small Lomo camera – an important traveling companion on trips and travels over the past 20 years – has become a significant part of my work. Earlier, as a college student, I visited the Baltic islands. Later I went to Italy, Spain, Cuba, the African islands – and Iceland. In fact, I feel a special attraction to islands of all types.

Artists’ books are the third part. Drawings, writing my own texts in a country’s native language, which I often translate with the help of the locals. Collaborating on the texts like this is something special for everyone involved – it creates a special kind of togetherness. For example, I met two dentists from Reykjavík in 2012 who worked on some texts with me. Of course they were the first to get one of the 9 copies of the book. A catalogue published in 2012 shows drawings that were made exclusively in Iceland.

4th trip to Iceland in the summer of 2013 – drawings and Lomography.





between a moment in time and its entire span

voiceless singing

dreamt between water and sky

thoughts dissolving in the dull
metallic colors of the mountains

nothing but stones

the sun paints shadows on the rocks
clouds sail like dark figures
across the countryside

on this island the short icelandic night is heralded
by the thundering of hooves from 99 horses
on sand, moss and rock

sheep stand like shamans among the blades of green
on the backside of the hill

petrified wood, knowing and beautiful
scattered across fields as though ready for play

metal on metal
color on color
wind on wind

the silence of days and the rapture of time


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