“View” by Marta M. Niebieszczanska (Poland, Iceland)

Marta M. Niebieszczanska

Marta M. Niebieszczanska

Marta Magdalena Niebieszczanska was born in Poland and currently lives in Iceland. She is a photojournalist, photographer and editor for the only Polish news website in Iceland – Iceland News Polska (www.icelandnews.is).

Marta is an avid traveler who is interested in the lives and cultures of other people, as well as art and journalism. She is full of energy and ideas, always looking for something new, and open for all kinds of art and people. When taking a picture, she specifically aims to capture feelings on film, which makes her photography realistic and emotional. Her work is also an expression of her own feelings and ideas.

Marta studied photography and has had numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Here in Iceland, she has taken part in exhibitions with the Polish photographic group ‘Pozytywni’, while in Poland her pictures have received some awards.

Marta is a creative photographer who uses old-fashioned 35 millimeter cameras and medium format cameras, as well as an FX-format Nikon D700. She especially enjoys taking pictures with her camera obscura, which is much more fun than using more modern cameras.

Contact: niebofoto@hotmail.com

Homepage: http://365x24x17.wordpress.com



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