Emilie Dalum (Denmark)

Emilie DalumEmilie, born in Denmark in 1989, lived in Iceland from August 2012 for roughly a year and a half. She felt an immediate connection to the Icelandic atmosphere and captured her personal impressions of her new country on camera with intuitive awareness.

Last year she took part in Steypa with the project “Strangers on my way – Denmark ˜ Iceland” where she matched pictures from Denmark and Iceland. In addition to photographing, she also writes poems – or stream of thoughts – as she prefers to call them.

This year, her photo series is entitled “Fragments of You”, with photos from Iceland and a few words she wrote while living there. The combination of images and texts should be viewed as an open dialogue that encourages the beholder to reflect on what they see and read.

Emilie holds a BA in European Ethnology from the University of Copenhagen. She currently attends the Fatamorgana school of art photography in Copenhagen, where she continues to develop her personal photographic style ands expression. Iceland feels like her second home, and she will certainly return in the near future.

Contact: emiliedalum5@gmail.com

Homepage: www.emiliedalum.com

Emilie Dalum at STEYPA exhibition in 20132015 and 2016.



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