Melinda Kumbalek (Germany)

Melinda KumbalekMelinda Kumbalek, born and raised in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, currently lives in Berlin, Germany and Ísafjörður, Iceland. Her first trip to Iceland was in 2001 to shoot a music video, while working at the time as a musician. She now works as a translator, and is the owner/managing director of a translation agency.

Melinda holds a special passion for the rugged landscape of the highlands and the remote regions of the Westfjords, as well as a particular affinity for the inhabitants there, both animal and human. She is an avid outdoorswoman with a preference for hiking, camping and mountain-biking, which enables ample time to study the details of the Icelandic countryside and experience nature’s moods and changes while in its midst. Being raised in a cold and wintry climate herself, she especially enjoys the harsh winters in the Westfjords and appreciates the hardships of living in such conditions. A camera is always part of her gear.






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