Marianne Wolleb (Switzerland)

Marianne WollebMarianne first visited Iceland in 1998, travelling throughout the country with her husband. “It was soon clear that this was the place we would return to again and again. We were in Djúpavík for the first time in 2005,” says Marianne.

Marianne (1963) and her sister wanted to learn to speak Icelandic, but they quickly realized that it was a difficult language to learn. This led to the desire to spend more time in Iceland, and Marianne’s dream came true in 2012. She travelled to Djúpavík to work in the hotel for three months. It was wonderful experience for her.

Island has become her home away from home, and Djúpavík a magical place. It’s not only the landscapes and nature that fascinate her, but also the peace and quiet. “We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Iceland during every season of the year!”

Marianne is a passionate photographer and she has already shown her work in various exhibitions in her first home, Switzerland. She is particularly fond of shooting macros and abstracts. Marianne is especially pleased to be showing some of her work here in Djupavik this summer.





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