René Baldinger and Susanne Marré (Switzerland)

René Baldinger and Susanne MarréSusanne is originally from Germany, but moved to Switzerland several years ago.

René, who was born in Switzerland, first travelled to Iceland back in the 1990s. Meanwhile he has been to the country more than 60 times, and Susanne has been accompanying him there since 2002.

They live together in Bern, where Susanne works as a radiologist and René has turned his passion for travel into a career as the owner of a travel agency.

On their very first trip together, they travelled to Djúpavík and over the years this little spot at the end of the fjord has become their special place in Iceland, attracting them again year after year.

In their pictures, René and Susanne want to show “their” Iceland that lies beyond the Ring Road and off the beaten track; a quieter and less known side of Iceland. That’s why their pictures are mostly taken in the autumn and winter.




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