Anna Grevenitis (USA)

Anna GrevenitisAfter devoting most of her formative years to language and literature, earning two Master’s in English and teaching literature and composition in colleges around New York City, French-born Anna Grevenitis commenced her photography journey ten years ago. Except for a few basic classes that got her started, she has taught herself the medium. In her daily introspection, she searches for meaning with her camera. Day after day as she makes images of her daughter and son, of people and places in her life, she is observing it more closely, she is reflecting on it; she is creating meaning. This close observation, reflecting upon her intimate environment, becomes a contemplation of what constitutes meaning and what mechanisms generate and substantiate it.

Summer 2015 was when Grevenitis and her family travelled to Iceland for the first time. Documenting the family’s wanderlust of the Strandir Coast, the Westfjords, and the Vesturland was akin to what Olafur Eliasson writes: “I was interested in how we engage the world. How do we use our skin as our eyes? If you read a cityscape or a landscape with just your mind, and not your body, it becomes like a picture or representation, not something you really engage with.” Grevenitis’ most recent show, “a place for all things,” that is presented with STEYPA came out of this observation.




Anna Greventis at STEYPA exhibition in 2017.


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