Christel Thomsen (Denmark)


Christel Pilkær Thomsen is a Danish visual artist currently studying photography at Ljósmyndaskólinn in Reykjavík. She has been living in Iceland since September last year, and she is completely taken by Icelandic nature and landscape. The project she is exhibiting at STEYPA 2016 is based in Reykjavík and around the south west of Iceland. She has given the project the title “Cinematic Iceland”.

In this project Christel works with the camera as a film camera trying to create small series of stories. The pictures are divided into three frames that have been taken as separate photographs with her favorite camera, the Mamiya C220 which is a two lens medium format camera. By using the camera as a panning tool and by dividing the pictures into three frames, she creates a greater depth in the pictures and plays with the perspectives of the motif. However, at the same time she wants the pictures to be great portraits.

Christel is a big fan of the analog process, and she has spend hours and hours in the darkroom trying to perfect her style. She puts a lot of time into her work, and she finds that by shooting and working analog, it gives the process a more organic feeling. On the other hand she is not afraid of working digital as well and in this project she has taken the best from both worlds. Christel likes to experiment and play a lot, both with the camera, in the darkroom and digital. “Cinematic Iceland” is a product of some of her latest experiments.



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