Gulli Már (Iceland)

Gulli MárGulli Már (1980) is an Icelandic photographer based in Reykjavík.

In addition to photographing for an array of culture and fashion magazines (locally as well as internationally) he has collaborated with a range of visual and text-based artists. The core of Gulli’s practice aims to shed new light on the seemingly mundane – to create a space for seeing that which we tend to overlook.

In one of his recent photographic shows, Skúmaskot, produced in collaboration with two poets from local publisher Partus Press, this recurring theme was explored via an exchange of performance, text and images; a poetic and photographic reflection on lost interiors and exteriors that was displayed in bus stops and advertising spaces around Reykjavík.

This is Gulli’s first time taking part in the photography exhibition STEYPA.




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