STEYPA 2017 in Hveragerði and Reykholt (Update)

I am happy to announce that a new STEPYA Photography exhibition is in work and will be shown this summer from 1 June until 31 August. This year you can enjoy STEYPA at two locations: in Hveragerði in a greenhouse between plants and in Reykholt (on the way to Geysir and Gullfoss waterfall) at Restaurant Mika.

These ten photographers from Iceland and abroad will show their unique and personal view on Iceland, Icelanders, clouds, plants and more:

Anna Grevenitis (USA, shows in Hveragerði)

Claudia Kerns (Germany, shows in Hveragerði)

Claus Sterneck (Iceland, shows in Hveragerði and Reykholt)

Frédérique Larousserie (France, shows in Hveragerði)

Gabrielle Motola (USA/UK, shows in Hveragerði)

Julia Kozakiewicz (Poland, shows in Hveragerði)

Michael Koenigshofer (Austria, shows in Reykholt)

Nanne Springer (Canada, shows in Hveragerði)

Thomas Verfaille (Belgium, shows in Hveragerði)

Valdimar Thorlacius (Iceland, shows in Hveragerði)


How to find STEYPA in Hveragerði / Acricultural University of Iceland – click here!

How to find STEYPA in Reykholt / Restaurant Mika – click here!


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