Claudia Kerns (Germany, shows in Hveragerði)

Photographer Claudia Kerns shows photography in the greenhouse in Hveragerði.

Claudia Kerns

Claudia Kerns

How can people live in a place in the middle of the ocean with unpredictable volcanoes and earthquakes? Driven by this question since the age of sixteen, Claudia wanted to see and experience Iceland for herself. On her first trip, she travelled from Reykjavík to Hveragerði, passing through the geothermal area. From that moment on, she knew that the place is somehow magical and she would have to return one day. Four years later, she found herself living in Iceland.

Today Claudia pursues her passions of writing and photography. In her project entitled “icelandworld”, she publishes snippets of her observations of people and places in Iceland. °ICELANDERS OF BERLIN is a new project that aims to take a look at the motivations of Icelanders living abroad. She interviews Icelanders living in Berlin and portrays them in surroundings that they feel emotionally connected to.

You are invited to look into the eyes of the Icelanders shown at STEYPA. What do you think drives them in life and gives them the courage to live so far away from home?

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