Claus Sterneck (Germany, Iceland, shows in Hveragerði)

Photographer Claus Sterneck shows photography in the greenhouse in Hveragerði and at Restaurant Mika in Reykholt.


Claus Sterneck

Claus Sterneck

Claus (1970) first visited Iceland in 2003, going straight to Djúpavík (Westfjords) for a week. He immediately fell in love with Djúpavík and Iceland – and  knew that this place would change his life forever. After spending two summers in Djúpavík, he decided to stay in Reykjavík over the winter 2008/2009 instead of returning to Germany. He now happily lives in Reykjavík where he works as a postman and in a museum.

His photography blog shows Iceland from a different perspective. The focus is on showing a unique view of Icelandic daily life which cannot be found in most picture books and articles on Iceland. Claus has been showing his photos in Iceland and abroad since 2009. One of his projects is “Pictures – and their sounds”, which combines the element of sound with his photography. When taking a picture, he also records the sound of the surrounding environment. Have a look at the webpage

For STEYPA 2017, Claus is showing a collection of photos from the series “Silence”, “Kría” and “Djúpavík in winter” at the Reykholt location, and “hidden pictures” in Hveragerði.

Claus Sterneck is founder and curator of STEYPA Photography Exhibition.




Claus Sterneck at STEYPA exhibition in 201320142015 and 2016.


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