How to find STEYPA (in a greenhouse) in Hveragerði / Acricultural University of Iceland

Hveragerði is right on the Ring Road #1, roughly 45 km east of Reykjavík. There, STEYPA is being held at the “Acricultural University of Iceland” (Garðyrkjuskólinn Reykjum) in a greenhouse among exotic plants. The school is located right behind the swimming pool and campsite at the end of the road “Reykjamörk”.

Opening times: Monday to Friday from 8 am till 4 pm

The entrance is free.

Acricultural University of Iceland: visit their homepage!

Following photographers show in the greenhouse in Hveragerði: Anna GrevenitisClaudia Kerns, Claus SterneckFrédérique LarousserieGabrielle Motola, Julia KozakiewiczNanne SpringerThomas Verfaille and Valdimar Thorlacius.



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