Julia Kozakiewicz (Poland, shows in Hveragerði)

Photographer Julia Kozakiewicz shows photography in the greenhouse in Hveragerði.


Julia Kozakiewicz

Julia Kozakiewicz

Originally from Warsaw, Poland, Julia has been in Iceland since last summer and is now living in Reykjavík. Although she works with many forms of media, photography is her favorite. She studied photography at the Academy of Photography in Warsaw. Her photographs have been shown in several exhibitions in Poland.

Since she is concerned with the environment and human dependence on nature, human interference in the natural environment is a motif depicted in many of her works. She focuses on the unseen and averts the lens from the usual angle. The project “Still” shows Icelandic contrasts – differences in perspective and scale, yet overall harmonious. Her photographs are silent and calming. At the same time, they evoke a feeling of tension and disturbance. For Julia, Iceland is full of such never-ending contradictions. The title of the exhibition refers to the ambiguity of the word itself. The photographs are motionless – not only because of the nature of the medium, but also the static scenes captured. They are also visually peaceful. This is a subjective documentary –frames from observations of life in Iceland.

Contact: jul.kozakiewicz@gmail.com

Tumblr: mercipetitgarcon.tumblr.com

Instagram: instagram.com/mercipetitgarcon


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