Michael Koenigshofer (Austria, shows in Reykholt)

Photographer Michael Koenigshofer shows photography in the Restaurant Mika in Reykholt.


Michael Koenigshofer

Michael Koenigshofer

Michael Koenigshofer first became interested in Iceland a few years ago through the music of Sigur Rós. The guys in this band really know how to make music that sounds just like the Icelandic countryside looks. Since then, Michael has been passionate about the country and its landscapes.

In 2016, he took a five-week trip to Iceland and hitchhiked around the whole island. He took pictures of everything he saw and experienced along the way, although he wasn’t concerned with the famous spots, such as waterfalls or geysers. Instead, Michael focused on the smaller, inconspicuous places, encounters with people, and the atmosphere in Iceland.

Michael, who lives in Graz/Austria, works as a photographer for a branding agency and is mainly responsible for corporate clients. Apart from work, he enjoys documentary and travel photography, where he likes to tell stories through series of images.

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Contact: office@koenigshofer.biz

Homepage: www.koenigshofer.biz


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