Nanne Springer (Canada, shows in Hveragerði)

Photographer Nanne Springer shows photography in the greenhouse in Hveragerði.


Nanne Springer

Photography has been an important part of Nanne’s life since she moved from Germany to Canada in 2010.

Her first visit to Iceland in 2016 was to explore Icelandic architecture and speak with local architects. She was fascinated by the significance of landscape and natural surroundings in architectural projects and realized that they are symbiotic.

Beautiful mountains, waterfalls and volcanic scenes might quickly catch your attention, but if you take a closer look you will notice the little things: twigs like dry veins on the ground, bones scattered across moss, stranded fish that still seem to be alive, or sturdy grass thriving between volcanic stones. Even the small details of the Icelandic landscape can reveal hidden wonder.




Instagram: @aelavedur


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