Roland A. Mores (Swiss)

Roland A. MoresRoland A. Mores was born in 1952 in Switzerland and raised in Grindelwald. His father is Italian and his mother is Swiss. After finishing his studies to become a teacher in Bern, he spent some time in the USA. He then returned to Bern to follow an education in photography at the Academy of Arts (Kunstgewerbeschule). After just a year at the Academy, he decided to quit pursuing an uncertain future as a photographer and return to teaching, since it offered a more stable income for raising a family. Therefore he considers himself to be more of a documentalist than a photographer.

After a longer stay in Nice in the South of France, followed by years spent searching for historical evidence of a dilapidated Grand Hotel on the Ligurian coast of Italy, he felt drawn once again to his beloved New York City. But since all flights and hotels were fully booked, he finally had time to spend fulfilling some old dreams – thus he ended up in Iceland for the first time in the summer of 2008. This trip left such an impression on him that he felt a strong desire to explore this country as more than just the average tourist. Since then he has visited Iceland ten times during all seasons of the year – with a focus on Djúpavík and the little school a bit farther to the north. Therefore his photographs in this exhibition are mainly of Djúpavík and this school, with only two exceptions.



A ‘Takk fyrir’ goes to Geysir Car Rental for their support!



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