Sven Herdt (Germany)

Sven HerdtSven was born in 1983 in the beautiful foothills of the Bavarian Alps. He spent much of his childhood outdoors in the woods, observing wildlife and and playing with everything that nature offered. After completing his training as a photographer, he left his home turf in 2005 to explore the rest of the wide world.

Always armed with a camera, Sven travelled extensively throughout Central and South America, India, Southeast Asia, Africa and all around Europe, gathering memorable impressions and deepening not only his photographic skills, but also his experience of the nature and different cultures on our wonderful planet. He even worked for a few months as an underwater photographer in Thailand. But his Bavarian homeland always called him to return.

Today, Sven still prefers to spend his time outdoors enjoying the beauty of Mother Earth, where he can recharge his creative batteries. What better place to do that than in Iceland? He keeps returning to Iceland’s unique magical landscapes, where he offers photography workshops. And it helps that his girlfriend is from Iceland, too!





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