Guðmundur Óli Pálmason (Iceland)

Guðmundur Óli PálmasonGuðmundur, born in Reykjavík in 1978, took up photography at the ripe old age of 27. He enrolled in Reykjavík Technical College (Iðnskólinn í Reykjavík) wanting to study photography, but first had to suffer through a number of other courses which he hated dearly. The torment finally paid off when he was accepted into the college’s photography department in 2006 and graduated the next year. Afterwards Guðmundur decided to further his knowledge of photography at the University of the Arts London. He finished there in 2011 with a BA in photography.

Guðmundur, an aficionado of obsolete technology, used a Walkman well beyond its expiration date and avidly collected vinyl records. It must have been the same illness that drove him to focus on analogue photography, using 35mm and 120mm films and Polaroid peel-aparts (like those exhibited in STEYPA), despite the digital revolution.

Appropriately, Guðmundur’s STEYPA photographs were taken at the very same factory complex in the summer of 2014, with model Fanney Ósk Pálsdóttir.








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