What would we do without you, dear supporters?

Probably having no or a very reduced STEYPA Photography Exhibition in Ólafsvík.

During the past weeks we received from different sides and in very different kinds support and help. Now, one day before the opening,  it is the time to send out big and huge THANK YOUs and TAKK FYRIRs to:

All backers of the Karolina Fund campaign: Alexej Globig, Bettina Schulze, Betty Wahl, Blanka Pöschlová, Brigitte S., Carsten Johansson, Christoph Heck, Egill Moran Friðriksson, Elena Domingo, Frederique Larousserie, Hélène Martial, Helmut Steinbauer, Henrik Jepsen, Ingimundur Þorsteinsson, Jem Bullimore, Jeremy Suttenberg, Joaquin Linares Cordoba, Jóhann Heiðar Guðjónsson, Jürgen Schönig, Jutta Wittmann, Kaja Hässler, Karolina Fund, Kathleen Fritzsche, Klaus Gerken, Kyle Mortara, LisaRuth Elliott, Marco Asbach, Margit Wendelin, Nico Stiehler, Nicola Saunders, Nina Mørkeberg, Peter Vajhøj, Pia Rauch-Sica, Richard Crooks and Dean, Stefan Brenner, Stefanie Grossmann, Stephan Jockel, Thekla Bartels, Thomas Verfaille, Tony Forster, Ulla Schönig, Ursula Handschin und Guido, Uwe Reimann, Viktor Pétur Hannesson, William S. Short and Wolfgang Sterneck.

Our local supporters: Menningarnefnd Snæfellsbæjar, Jóhannes, Dagbjört and Vör.

And companies and others: Pósturinn, GuðjónÓ, Fiskimarkaður Íslands, Boreal Travel, Melinda Kumbalek and Nanne Springer.

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  1. Betty Wahl says:

    It’s my pleasure to be one of the proud supporters of STEYPA 2016! Can’t wait to visit the exhibition 🙂
    Kær kveðja, Betty

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